• 08.09.2007

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    Road transportation

    Own motor-vehicle pool and long-term cooperation with our partners, allows "Baltic Transit" company to offer you following services of transportation by motor transport:

    - Transportation of cargoes across Europe, Russia and the CIS countries

    - Transportation of modular and small cargoes

    - Transportation of ADR cargoes

    - Transportation of refrigeration cargoes with the set temperature

    - Transportation of cargoes on container chassis and by motor transport in volume up to 170 cubic metres

    - Insurance of cargoes

    - Transportation of bulky goods (yachts, boats, tractors and other technics)

    - We are able to provide armed security according to your desire


    Drivers work for us with a long-term operational experience on supersize transport, without bad habits and they were selected on a competitive basis. We are assured that our drivers will approach to transportation of your cargo with special attention and deliver it in integrity and on time.
    All you left is contact us and inform us about transportation you need, the rest will be made by us.

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