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    Warehouse services

    From the first moment as our activity begun, "Baltic Transit" company has established long-term business contacts with the customs warehouse, located on a territory of the Free Economic zone in Riga Trading Port. The warehouse territory is located in 800 metres from the Baltic Container Terminal (the convenient location will help to avoid traffic jams).

    - Modern design of warehouses allows to serve up to 10 trucks of any class simultaneously
    - Computer counting and modern communication facility allow to obtain necessary data of stored goods at any time
    - Modern cargo handling technics
    - Consolidation of your cargoes with further transportation of ones entirely or by parts
    - Insurance of the goods
    - Freezing chambers working in the set range of temperature
    - Our partners receive all necessary permissions for a foodstuff storage
    - Warehouse and parking for cars are under armed security 24/7
    - Accuracy of warehousing works
    - Sorting and marking of cargoes


    - The warehouse is equipped with heating, electricity, cold and hot water supply, the fire-prevention and security alarm system
    - Warehouse territory and presence of a special equipment for any type of container allows to store the container directly in warehouse territory
    - Brigades of highly skilled loaders
    - Documentary maintenance (documentary registration upon factual location and release of cargo from warehouse territory, reception, storage and transfer of the documents from the cargo owner according to instructions of the one)
    - Independent certificated tallymen which keep count of accepted cargo quantity on the warehouse and its delivery from warehouse, fix packing damages (photo and documentary).

    Concluding contract about stevedore works with us, be assured that the integrant and safe cargo will be overloaded and delivered to your address.

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